Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow= No fun

As I'm sure you're all aware, the weather outside is frightful. Brad and I woke up extra early yesterday morning (Wednesday) to find 6" of snow on our driveway with more still coming down. I had appointments all day in Wichita and spent many minutes debating whether or not to go. After finally convincing myself I could make it, off I went into the snowy blizzard, completely unaware of what was awaiting me. Slick roads, insane drivers and snow plows dominated the highways and I found myself trotting along at 32 miles an hour on 435. Not a great way to start out a 3 hour drive. After viewing 3 cars slide off the road, I turned the car around and headed home defeated.
Brad still went in to work yesterday and I spent most of the day here at the house screaming at my computer for not working properly. Overall I learned a vaulable lesson that is the title of this blog today. Snow = no fun.

We had dinner with the girls last night up in Liberty and enjoyed Popeye's chicken tenders and frech fries....nutrition central. Afterward we headed into the Price Chopper and bought Makayla a birthday cake for school. For those of you scratching your heads in confusion, no you are not going crazy. Makayla was born on August 8th. However, in school you obviously can't celebrate an August birthday so instead, they celebrate summer birthdays' on the students' half birthday. In Makayla's instance, that is February 8th. She asked us if she gets presents. We said no.

In other news...Brad has officially finished designing his Mom's (Janette) kitchen and bathroom revamp. He's so excited about it that I swear sometimes he'd pediddle on the floor like a puppy if he knew he could get away with it.
Though work has not officially begun, materials have been ordered, contractors have been hired and the house is ready for its makeover. Janette has been very gracious in allowing Brad a lot of creative room to reinspire her home. I've seen many of the materials (and put my two cents in on tile, natch) and it is an understatement to say the rennovati0ns are definitely HGTV-worthy. I'll be sure to post the before and after pictures when they are ready so you all can get excited and hire Brad to work on your home. For a small nominal fee...

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