Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bye, Bye Camry

We sold the Camry last night! It only took Auto Trader about 48 hours to get our car sold, and we are thrilled! Only one problem. We have only uno car right now. The van is getting final touch-ups and detailing and will be ready, we hope, by Saturday afternoon. Just in time for Easter! The girls are excited to drive around and watch movies in it. Me, I'm excited to use the remote to open the back and side doors to get my carpet in and out!

We're into day 4 of spring break and so far it's been a blast! Grandma Janette just left yesterday afternoon from taking care of the girls for us during the days. They had a wonderful time with her and were so excited to get some "Grandma & Girls" time minus the annoying parents. They got some new clothes, went swimming, got expert hair cuts and drank mocha frappucinos. Today and tomorrow they'll be splitting time between Brad's office and home. I thankfully don't have too many appointments so they'll be able to be with me the majority of the time. Maybe we'll go to the park today!

Tonight we're going to take full advantage of the weather and enjoy some hamburgers off the grill and our neighbors Bryan and Kristin might even join us for our feast. Tomorrow night we're having dinner with my best friend Erin and her husband Jared. You might remember her from the wedding; she was my gorgeous preggers matron of honor. She's had her little baby since then and the girls are dying to meet baby Dakota and play with her. And cuddle with her. And sing songs to her. And help her eat. And help her drink. And tell her stories. And hold her. And kiss her. And love her....forever and ever and ever.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on selling the Camry!
It's cool the girls will be with you when you pick up the Nissan so they can test drive the DVD player right away!
Give them kisses from me. Remind Makayla that she and I share the same birth date!
Love, Aunt Joy