Saturday, March 1, 2008

Health and Happiness - too much to ask?

I returned safe and sound from Atlanta on Wednesday night, so happy to be home. Unfortunately, good news was not waiting for me. Brad could barely even walk, let alone pick me up at the airport. The whole car ride home he recounted for me how his high fevers and chills alone were more than he could handle. Throw in the sore throat, dizziness, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, stomach cramps, chills, and sweats and it was more than enough to send him running for the doctor. And so we went. What a waste of a $20 co-pay. The doc tested for strep and flu, and both came up negative. Turns out this little doo-dad of a sickness is a cousin of the flu, and therefore anti-biotics won't touch it. Brad's only option? Ride it out.

Unfortunately I had several appointments for Thursday and Friday so I was unable to help Brad during the day while he stayed home. When I was able to come home in-between my appointments, I would find loads of Kleenex, and sweat-soaked sheets awaiting me. Not that I'm complaining; I'd much rather clean up the sickness results than actually have the illness itself. The worst part of it all was Brad having to be home alone. There's nothing worse than being sick and lonely. I would have loved to stay home with him

Friday I was completely furious at this illness and what it was doing to Brad, so I hauled him back to the doctor. We got the same suggestion from this doctor: ride it out. Ironically, as soon as we returned from the doc, Brad took a turn for the better. Today we've stayed home (and as much as it stunk, had to miss Makayla's last basketball game) and my hubby is doing so much better. He's actually kept the fever away and can even walk up and down the stairs without passing out. I have been drinking Airborne by the gallon and over-dosing on vitamins, determined not to get this thing. I should also buy stock in Purell, considering I'm going through about two bottles a day! If my prayers are answered, Brad will be well enough to go to a birthday dinner with me on Monday...but we'll see how that goes. I don't want to push him. As of right now, I'm just thankful he didn't end up in the hospital.

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