Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Taking Up Yoga

I've been whining a lot lately- but after this weekend I am convinced I have the right. Let's break it down by a timeline of frustrations:


2.30 pm- Receive van and do small victory dance that it has finally arrived, blissfully ignorant of what I'm about to find out.


5.00 pm- Drive van to Liberty en route to take daughters to dinner.

5.15 pm- Stop at car wash first to clean van so it's shiny. Discover "fixed' leak in sun roof is not so fixed.. Watch water pour in. From 6 different places.

5.18 pm - Vow to bomb Topeka Nissan dealership and put a "Kim Antisdel Will Not Be Taken Advantage Of!" flag in the ashes.

5.19 pm- Ask Brad why he's plugging his ears. I'm just venting for crying out loud. Everybody does it.

5.20 pm - Call dealer who sold us the van and scream incoherent expletives into his ear.

6.00 pm- Take the girls to dinner in the new wheels once I've calmed down. They nearly pee themselves with excitement at the new van. Drop girls off after dinner and head to Iowa.

6.10 pm- Discover loud noise coming from exhaust and/or catalytic converter.

6.12 pm- Observe people in other cars staring at me as I scream and pull my hair out. Clearly they have never seen a conniption occur before.

6.14 pm- Watch Brad quietly shake head and ponder why he married such a schizo.

Okay, you get the idea. The van is not fixed and to put salt in the proverbial open wound, there are more things wrong now than there were before. I'm prone to exaggeration (and you all love it) but this morning when we took the van to the Nissan dealership here in KC, the ticket list of things to fix was literally 3 pages long. Praise be to God though, Trent (the seller of the van) is lending us an Altima as a loaner while the van gets fixed. Maybe I'll jot down all the things I discover to be wrong with the Altima while I have it, just to further convince Trent to never do business with us Antisdel's again. :)

SO- enough about the car. Brad and I went up to Iowa to paint Janette's kitchen this weekend. Sadly, Janette's contractor is moving at the speed of an injured turtle on a Zanex/Valium cocktail. She has been forced to take a shower from a spicket in her basement for a month and there is a 1/4" of dust on every surface in her house. She is essentially living in a construction zone. The gentleman she hired for the job has severe issues with time management and Janette's catching the brunt of his brutal miscalculations. Brad had a "special talk" with him this weekend and apparently all the work should be done 2 weeks from today. I selflessly volunteered to string the contractor up by his thumbs if he misses the deadline, but was ignored and told to "just go shopping or something." Brad can be so testy...but I did get a fiercely delicious new orange hand bag and Coach wallet knock-off! (Just as a disclaimer to my husband: I still love my Coach handbag, it will always be my favorite. But I couldn't pass up a good D&G knock-off. It was made of genuine imitation leather.)

We also went to Bill's house (Brad's dad) this weekend. Nicole and Josh's house is so close to being finished they can taste it and we drove by to take a look at it. In addition, we sat around the computer and looked at possible condos or villas for our family trip to Mexico next year. Every single place we looked at was gorgeous, so we all unanimously decided that as long as margaritas are readily available, we care not what the accommodations look like.

Now it's back to work for today. Or just joyriding around in the Altima making performance notes in my car notepad. Either one...

And PS- in case you had a frustrating weekend too, watch this link. Even if you've seen it 20 times already. You'll feel better in seconds.

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