Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maybe, baby

Fingers crossed- we might be selling the Camry today. A couple is coming to look at it this afternoon so Brad is outside diligently (and obsessively) cleaning it. Now that it's looking so clean and shiny, I kind of wish we could keep it.

Saturday we went to Topeka to visit my Mom and Dad and niece and nephew. We also checked out a Nissan Quest at, ironically, the same place I bought my Mazada Protege 5 a few years back. This Quest is completely loaded with DVD players, heated seats and the kitchen sink if we really want it. It's a great price and we've agreed to purchase it, pending the sale of the Camry. So now we wait for noon- and hope the Camry sells.

I'm so excited for this coming week. Makayla and Taylor are coming to stay with us for the ENTIRE week for spring break. Janette's taking off work until Wednesday to come and be our day care provider so Brad and I can still work, then Thursday and Friday we'll take the girls with us to Brad's office and maybe even let them make a few calls with me. Future carpet sales reps in the making, perhaps??

Tomorrow we are going to attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown KC. I have silly hats and necklaces left over from my Pre-St. Patty's Day party for clients last week, and I'm sure the girls will be more than willing to wear the hats at the parade. I'll take lots of pictures to post up here so you all can see. It's supposed to rain but hopefully the Luck O' the Irish will keep the rain away for at least the duration of the parade.

Friday was Brad's and my eight-month wedding anniversary. Ahhhhhhh. And yes, I know that no one celebrates eight months of married bliss. Well, it just so happened that this was the first Friday in a LONG time that we didn't have to be somewhere doing something, so we took advantage and celebrated our freedom. So there. On an impulse, we booked a room at the hotel we stayed in on our wedding night. It was way more expensive and actually rather disappointing. The room was significantly smaller and the drinking water literally looked like milk. Gross. But it still enabled us to re-live the best day of our lives a mere eight months ago, so I think it was totally worth it.

I'm off to assist Brad in preparing the house for two very special little people. I'm so anticipating an entire week with them. We don't have to drop them off at anybody's house or worry about what time to take them home. The biggest concern we'll have this week is where to go for the best mac 'n cheese in town!

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful week! How great that Grandma is able to join you for a few days.
Kisses to all 5 of you!