Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

Last night was an...adventure. Hubs came home and immediately started polishing and cleaning the Camry for his on-line ad to try and sell it. I sat outside with him in the gorgeous weather and checked out the neighbors walking their dogs. As I sat, my mind began to wanter and I made the very keen observation that every single house (save ours) on the street has a key pad garage door opener thingy. I mentioned it to Hubs.

He grunted. Don't bother a man cleaning rims.

It was then that I had this random thought: "Wouldn't it suck if we ever got locked out of our house? We'd have no way to get in." I quickly brushed it aside because honestly, why would we ever lock ourselves out of our house?

Two hours later Hubs wrapped up taking photos of the Camry for the on-line ad. I began whining like a 2-year old for food. Because it was so late by our standards (8:30), we decided on late night sustenance. Hubs and I went inside, put on some shoes and headed out the front door. As the door shut behind me, I heard Hubs say "Oh shit, my keys." Laughing, I turned around expecting to see the silly expression on his face when he's trying to trick me. It wasn't there. 

We were locked out.

You know, it truly is amazing the ridiculous things you'll do when faced with a half-crisis. Ever the brilliant problem-solver, I ran around to the garage and tried to lift it open with my amazing biceps.

Shocker, it didn't work.

Apparently the garage door people construct their product in such a way that the door won't open by simply pulling and screaming, "Sweet Jesus LET ME IN!!" 

Imagine that.

After the failed garage entry attempt, I went back to the front door and actually found myself asking Hubs to give me a credit card so I could jimmy the front door lock. Because if McGyver can do it, god dammit so can I.)Not surprisingly, I failed at this as well.

In the end, we called a neighbor friend of ours to drive us to the ATM so we could pay a locksmith to open our Camry, where the garage door opener lay laughing at us through the window. By 9.30 we were back in the house and attempting to find the humor in the situation.

We still haven't found it.

My take on all of this is that because I had the thought about locking ourselves out, I somehow willed it to happen. Like maybe a psychic ball of energy came out of my brain and created an event. I'm going to test that theory by thinking about lots of money today and purchasing a lottery ticket tonight. 

Results pending.

As for Hubs, he simply said "Well, at least this gives you material for your blog tomorrow." So true, my love. So very, very true.


Anonymous said...

Your Aunt Joy put me on to how great a writer you are! Maybe you should try something for publication some time.

Really enjoyed you Garage story. I mean to come back and read more.

Love Aunt Jenny

Anonymous said...

You are a very talented writer with such a witty sense of humor, Kim. I enjoy reading about your outings and events and day to day life too.

Keep it up! Love, Joy