Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Soccer Mom in Training?

The other day I had a true revelation. It's been a few months coming, but Brad's pride and joy - his Scion XB - which he lovingly lets me drive for work, is no longer going to cut it for my job. Originally we figured that the back seat would be big enough for all of my carpet and samples that I tote around every day. Now, a few months into the job, it just isn't working out. In order for me to have everything that I need with me, the entire back of the Scion needs to be utilized, and I therefore can't pick any of my clients up for lunches or meetings.

After a lengthy discussion, we're going to be on the look-out for a new vehicle. I had my heart set on the Honda Pilot, but I might have to remove my right arm and leg to arrange payment for it. No, the Pilot probably isn't going to be the car for us. Instead, we found something that may surprise you all. A van. Yes, I said it. A VAN. But not just any van. It's the Mercedes Benz of vans; the Nissan Quest. Have you guys ever seen one of these things? They look like an SUV than a van and have more bells and whistles than a choo choo. We found one at a dealership here in KC that's priced very nicely and is a 2004. As some of you may remember, I swallowed my massively huge ego about a year ago and rocked a Dodge Caravan for my job. It almsot killed me to do it, too. But, the Quest would be a totally different story. I would be happy to drive this; Brad has even said he likes it enough to drive. Now that's saying something!

Last night we had the girls for dinner and they let me pick the restaurant because it was "almost my birthday." They have officially moved to their new apartment and it sounds like their Mom will be purchasing all new furniture for them this weekend, which should be exciting for them. It sounds like they're sharing a room at the moment, but we don't know if that's permanent or not. They've already made some friends at the apartment, too! Makayla is enjoying her after-school program a lot, and Taylor has lots of friends at her new pre-school. So far, so good!

Brad continues to do better from his illness, but still gets really weak at times. We'll have the girls this weekend and for the first time don't have ANY plans. We can do whatever we want; wherever the wind takes us. My guess is the wind will be blowing straight toward McDonalds...

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