Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Troopers and Poopers

Unfortunately for Brad and myself, the Luck O' the Irish was not with us this weekend or yesterday. The peeps who were supposedly coming to look at the Camry backed out and decided not to stop by after all. Poopers. Brad's going to be making a cars.com ad sometime this week and that will hopefully spark some interest in the car, prompting a sell. On a brighter note, we are officially going to purchase the Nissan Quest in Topeka that we saw last week. After applying for the loan yesterday we will (fingers crossed) be picking up the new wheels tonight or at the latest Thursday evening.

Yesterday we braved the cold with Makayla, Taylor and Grandma Janette and went to the St. Patrick's Day parade. We were troopers. The girls made it over 1/2 of the way through the sea of green before the cold and wet got to them. I was surprised they made it that long considering absolutely no one was throwing candy in the parade. That's like going to a water-park and sitting in the 3" kiddie pool the whole time. Needless to say it was too wet to have a camera out, so no pictures this year. Sorry, blame Mother Nature for pottying on our fun day!

After the parade we ate lunch at Bob Evans and did some shopping for swimming suits at Target. Grandma bought the girls new suits and this evening they are going to go to a hotel for a swimming extravaganza. Actually, they are already at the hotel as I write this waiting for Brad and me to show up. I should probably head over and get some pictures...

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