Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Waiting for the Warmth

For this up-coming week, Brad's going to attempt to buy tickets to the Sprint Center to watch Iowa State play in the Big 12 Championship. Don't know if he'll be able to do it, but if Iowa State basketball is involved, he'll be sure to find a way. We're also cleaning up the Camry to get it ready to sell. We spent an hour in the store yesterday purchasing wax, Armor All, rags etc. etc. to get it spotless. The best news is the weather is seeming to cooperate with us and it may just be possible to vacuum and clean the car in the warmth of the sunshine!! Wouldn't that be a fantastic change??!!

This weekend was spent up in freezing Iowa, mostly so Brad could get final pre-work done on Janette's kitchen before the contractor comes Wednesday to rip everything down. While Daddy opened the new sink, toilet, tile, and refrigerator like it was Christmas morning, Janette and I distracted the kids with crafts and their cousin Brei. Pictures below...

Makayla is a baby lover in the making; she gets it from me!

Brei, her big bro Aiden and Makayla

Taylor preparing her "Heart Card"

I drew the message, she signed her name very carefully.

Delivering the card to Grandma!

Baby Brei- The #1 cause for my baby fever!

Brei laughing at Mommy's faces...

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