Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Day at the Lake

Pictures from our lake photo shoot. So much fun, the girls loved the outfit changes and Brad and I loved capturing them. Notice Makayla's newly absent tooth - she got some serious money from the tooth fairy for it too!

I'll probably make a "Spring '08" photo card from these pics - you just might get one in your mailbox!!

If we ever make a family music album, Brad has decided this will be the cover. Very Beatles.

Family pic- setting up the self timer on the camera was quite an adventure.

Keeping Tay warm!

Doesn't this look like a Kohl's ad?? :)

Daddy and his baby girl!

Daddy and his big girl!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these! I have been waiting for them since you said you had taken them.

Once again, I must tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. You are fun to read and it is so nice knowing what Brad's family is up to!! Thank you so Much!!

Love, Aunt Joy

Erin said...

presh pics! you are so good! doesn't hurt you have beautiful models ;)

Judith said...

These are presh! So professional and super-sweet! :)