Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I might potty my pants

because I am so excited that the weather was warm today. Though I hear the insane wind out the window knocking our patio furniture over and I don't even care. Spring is on its way and there's nothing winter can do about it! Tonight we have the girls for dinner and it sounds like we're going to try and find a basketball court to shoot hoops on. You can be sure I'll have the camera to snap some photos that will no doubt be blogged about tomorrow.

On a more bummer of a note, Janette (Brad's mom) is officially at the end of her patience rope. Let me just say for the record that a nice contractor is not always a good contractor. In Janette's case, her contractor's competence is in short supply while his supposed kindness is wilting in the wind to boot. This weekend Brad wrote said contractor a note with all of the items that needed to be repaired before further work was done on the house. Needless to say, he did the work. The quality is something quite different. Makayla could do a better job of tiling a bathroom blindfolded and loaded up on vodka shots and Ritalin. So Janette's going bonkers knowing she has to let this man into her house every day equipped with power tools and half a brain while Brad's down here in Kansas City powerless to stop the insanity. It's not a good time at the moment. My first instinct is of course to sue this contractor until he doesn't have enough money to pay for toilet paper anymore. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until the work is finished because Janette barely even has a toilet at the moment and the work has to get done. She's over budget, under stress and clean out of ideas on how to make things right. If you're in the Iowa area, you'd do well to stay away from B&B contractors. The acronym clearly stands for Bad & Badder. Or Bunghole and B*tch. Whichever you choose.

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Bess said...

you crack me up.
"Makayla could do a better job of tiling a bathroom blindfolded and loaded up on vodka shots and Ritalin."
too funny!