Sunday, April 27, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Brad has once agian left me for Vegas. I would say it's a tragedy, but at least I get to see him for a little over 48 hours each time he comes home. The bummer of it is, this is going to go on for awhile. Next week he does the same trip, Monday through Thursday, and from then on it's every other week until ______????? Your guess is as good as mine.

The silver lining to Brad's continuous traveling is of course job security. The project he's working on is providing his firm with recognition which can lead to more projects. I know some of you have trouble with math, but this is a pretty simple equation. Stay with me. Projects = money = Brad stays employed = I can still go shopping = I'm happy = Brad's happy. See? Math isn't so tough.

All joking aside, Brad really seems to be enjoying the work even though he's putting in some severe hours and having to try and sleep with the sounds of slot machines ringing in his ears. I'm pretty sure there several people working at "The Annoying Sounds Institute" who are just laughing themselves into fits when they think of tourists trying to put head to pillow in Vegas. There's a reason the city never sleeps.

Not much new other than that. Brad got a new suit this weekend. Bow chicka bow wow. Tell me if I'm wrong but a new suit for Brad therefore constitute new outfits and sheos for me at NeoCon in June? Ohhhhhh, I think so. I'm pretty sure I just got a 20% coupon in the mail from Macy's...

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