Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day is.....

...a glass of cool wine next to warm grilled chicken - all enjoyed on a new patio table!

...your husband's hard work paying off after hours of sweat and expletives!

...a beautiful new piece of art that reminds you of your wedding day.

I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful long Memorial weekend as much as I did! My husband and I spent much of the weekend in the car, driving back and forth from IKEA in Minnesapolis. Thankfully we were able to break the trip up by stopping in Iowa and resting at Brad's Mom's house on Friday night and his Dad and stepmom's on Saturday evening. Although we had a specific list of items to purchase at the mega-store, we still somehow managed to go over our carefully planned budget, and invest in a few items to make our home life just that much better. I think you'll agree that a beautiful patio table and a brilliant piece of art work (both shown above) were well worth the added expense!
Brad worked so diligently on Sunday, finishing up odd jobs that we hadn't gottena 'round to just yet. After hours upon hours of working so hard, he finished everything up and we both breathed a collective sigh of happiness. We ate dinner on our new patio table and watched the rain clouds pour in- and smiled.

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