Thursday, May 1, 2008

Misty Watercolor Memories....

Last night my high school had an open house for members of the public to view it's ridiculously expensive renovation. Although all the face lift was completely necessary since the school will now house 9th-12th grade students, it was very strange seeing all the bells and whistles the school now boasts. For one thing, the establishment is actually now reminiscent of a school rather than a 4th degree Leavenworth prison. It has shiny green grass, steps that aren't falling apart and a digital outdoor screen that forewarns parents about impending concerts they will begrudgingly have to attend. When I think of high school I envision broken lockers with crusted paint, awful carpeting with permanent Mr. Pibb stains and computers that only worked if you slapped the top of the monitor once and the side of it twice. We had no crispy white clean Apple laptops, there were no special "pods" of classrooms in which to enhance our learning experience, and we sure as hell didn't have cushy padded auditorium seating in which to rest our behinds during school plays and musicals. Yes, I'm aware of my bitterness. Mostly I just remember that part of the fun of high school was bitching about the things we couldn't change and knowing that some other school always had it better. Now that Seaman is closing its doors for the summer with the momentum of being on top again, it just feels - weird. We were always so proud to be in the bottom. Or maybe that's just what we told ourselves. Either way the changes for the school are for the better and I'm happy for the incoming freshman that will utilize all the changes. Just a word of warning though, freshman can and will be tossed into the new lockers just as easily as the old ones. Even a face lift can't keep that from happening.

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