Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Imagination

is always running away with me. Most of you know I tend to dream up the most bizarre scenarios for things with no rhyme or reason. Good for reading material, not so much for living day to day life. Lately, this problem is causing me to wonder if I just might need medication.

Example: Brad is not home a lot lately. This means I am home alone a lot lately. Before you get visions of me pulling a "Kevin McAlister" and running all over the house jumping on the beds and trying Brad's aftershave - get over it, it doesn't happen. What does happen is I get a little bit - paranoid. Each night as I put head to pillow I start thinking way too much. I try and remember if I really locked every single door, or if I really did shut the garage? Did I turn off my hair straightener? Did I leave the water running in the kitchen and something clogged the sink and I'm going to have a flood in the morning? What was that noise? Was that a laugh? I'm the only one in the house so who would be laughing? Did I hear a door just open? Is someone jimmying the lock? Perhaps I should turn my bedroom lights on and off as a distress call to neighbors who might be watching for distress calls out their bedroom windows. Are you getting a sense of my problem here? I get more worked up than Roseanne at a free cupcake factory and can't calm down my brain for beauty sleep. The end result is I awake in the middle of the night (to me that's 11.40) and see a vampire standing over my bed ready to kill me. From that moment on I am in a constant state of panic and ridiculous paranoia and therefore cannot sleep.

Long story short, I'm not getting much shut-eye lately and I would love for it to be Thursday so I can set my trusty house alarm system (a.k.a. Brad) and sleep soundly.

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