Monday, May 12, 2008

Uncle Sam Delivers!

We got our tax rebate this last week and now the question is: What to do with it? Many people are undoubtedly using the extra green to assist with the extra pain in the tukus at the pump while others are planning Caribbean cruises or paying down bills. So what are the Antisdel's going to do with their newly received stack o' cash? BUILD KIM AN OFFICE!!!

For the past six months that I've been working from home, my office has been, well- the kitchen. Once in a polka-dotted blue and pink striped moon I'll actually get all of my papers organized into my file system (otherwise known as the floor) and have enough space to put a meal on the table. But for the vast majority of the time, our kitchen has been over-taken by invoices, expense reports, business development leads and lots and lots of Diet Dr. Pepper cans. Half full. Poor Brad is gone constantly and has to come home to this disaster of a kitchen. (Although he probably doesn't mind being forced to eat in front of the TV.)

So, Uncle Sam's rebate check is headed straight down to the basement where Brad will hopefully get up just enough framing, drywall and electric capacities so that I can have a space that will no longer eat (pun intended) into our livable square footage.

On a hugely spectacular high note, Brad is home for this ENTIRE week. It feels like I have a very special house guest that pays half the bills and calls me "Sugar" when he comes home. Plus there's the added benefit of being able to now sleep through the night (except when my special house guest elbows me in the ribs). Welcome home, Bradley James! I missed you so much and I'm not looking forward to when you leave me again Sunday - but let's focus on the positive....

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