Wednesday, June 18, 2008

107 degrees and counting...

We're still here in Vegas, and it is hot hot hot! The temp has climbed to 108 so far, and it just keeps getting hotter. Yesterday, Amy and I hung at the pool while our gentlemen worked away. After only 2 hours, I resemble a blushing tomato.

Tonight is date night! I'm going forward to dinner with my husband for the first time on our own since we've been here. I'm sure Amy and Michael would love a little time away from us more than us from them.

No super-crazy stories to share, which I find to be a good thing. Tanning, eating, sleeping, walking. Those are the main adjectives to describe our time here! I finally did get to gamble a little yesterday (all alone) but nothing came from it except one free beer from the waitress. So basically, a $40 beer.

Below are pictures from Brad's job-site and from yesterday out and about sight-seeing. Sorry the quality isn't fantastic- phone cameras can only do so much...

Outside Bellagio right before the fountains started

Just one small piece of the job-site that Brad walks to every day

Future site of one of the pools

Fun facts about the cholocate fountain pictured below

Chocolate fountain in the Bellagio. Beautiful and yummy!

A restaurant Brad had to take a picture of...wonder why?

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