Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are we having a World of Fun yet?

The weekends always seem to go too quickly, but when your husband is leaving for Vegas on Sunday, it blows through even faster. This weekend was in extra super-fast mode because I "worked" late Friday night (meaning I took a few of my best clients out to a good time in the KCP&L District) and therefore didn't start the family weekend until the next morning.

Saturday morning Brad, the girls and I all awoke bright and early only to discover something strange- we had no plans. After inhaling some smelling salts to get over the shock, we opted to spend the afternoon at a place every summer calls for -Worlds of Fun! Into the van we piled and headed for the park. The idea of lugging my camera around all day was not in the least appealing, so there are no pictures to accurately describe our day.
I just have one question: when did manners and good hygiene in public become optional? I'm not joking, I cannot get over the amount of - hmmm, how do I put this delicately - Caucasian Refuse - that I saw this weekend. One person after another sausaged into spandex and Lycra. And the women were worse! Needless to say, we focused on the rides as much as possible and prayed our children weren't taking any fashion notes. Makayla had her very first ride on The Detonator (her eyes were sealed shut the entire time) and Taylor put a curse on the people who require a 48" height for practically every ride. She was almost too short for the innocent raft ride "Fury of the Nile"! It was a little bit ridiculous. All in all it was a fun day but I admit, my tolerance for roundandroundandround rides is quickly diminishing.

Today was our recovery day. After breakfast, a movie and Hungry Hungry Hippos, we broke out one of Taylor's b-day presents; Ladder Golf. People, I feel an addiction forming. Who doesn't love tossing little golf balls at PVC pipe? Here we have a game that requires a) no skill and b) no sore muscles afterwards. Sign me up for league play!


Washing away "Worlds of Scum"!!!

So fresh and so clean clean!

Makayla rockin' Ladder golf.

Taylor's turn!

Taylor "willing" the balls to go where she wants!

The champion of the game!

Second place must wear the balls around her neck??? When did this tradition start?

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Bess said...

it has a name! ladder golf! i had no idea. i always called it "that one game where you throw 2 balls tied together at PVC pipe at tailgates. you know, that one game..." ladder golf! amazing.

and i laughed when you said on saturday morning, "after inhaling some..." i thought, pancakes? eggs? what is it they inhaled when she said they don't have any food because she didn't go to the store? "... smelling salts to get over the shock." ah, yes. smelling salts. not food. :o)