Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bragging Rights

After my post regarding Brad's hotel accommodations yesterday, the hub immediately utilized his i phone to send pictures of his beautiful hotel. Oh, and he left a comment yesterday listing all of his room's amenities. Naturally. Pictures in a sec...

As for tonight, Mom and Dad came visit me in my loneliness and took me to a wonderful dinner at The Yardhouse. After, Dad went back to my house to work while Mom and I took our fabulous selves to the new "Sex and the City" movie. I laughed, I cried and was genuinely shocked at the good time I had. Perhaps my expectations were low after a string of recent rotten movies (ahem- Indiana Jones 4) but I think SATC was just that good. I was far from disappointed. Fashion, haute couture and ridiculously styled hair and make-up for two hours? Now that's entertainment. Throw in a great story line and 4 characters that I've loved for 7 years and you've got a hit that's shaken, not stirred. The boys just don't get it- and I like it that way.

Brad's kitchenette- plenty of space for cooking mac 'n cheese.

The living area, complete with poker table.

The bedroom- where no call girls will ever set foot.

Bathroom. I told Brad to request a few more sinks.

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