Monday, June 2, 2008

Lap of Las Luxury

So Hubs is in Vegas, just like he is every two weeks without fail. I should set my menstral clock by his departure dates. One change though, this week he is not staying at his usual stomping grounds. He's moved from the Mucky Carlo to The MGM Signature- known for kick ass accomodations and gorgeous suite-style rooms. Rest assured my husband wasted no time calling me last night, shrieking into the phone, "Oh my GOD, there's a plasma TV in the BATHROOM! And I have robes to wear!"

(I fought the urge to remind him that he's never worn a robe in his life. Let him have his moment.)

All jealousy and extreme bitterness aside, I'm glad Hubs gets to stay somewhere so nice considering the hard work he's doing. When I travel to Vegas with him in two weeks, he better make darn sure that I'm screamin' "Viva Las Luxury" right along with him. And I will wear the robe. While jumping on the bed.


Anonymous said...

I should also point out to Kim's faithful readers, that I also have two full bathrooms (why, I don't know), 4 closets, living room, dining room, kitchen, walk-in shower, hot tub, SUPER comfy king size bed, in a corner bedroom with two walls of all glass overlooking Vegas, and a desk across from the bed with a big plasma that comes out of the desktop!!!

...But whos counting...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brad, I have a swell suggestion for you. Just tell Kim how much you love her and miss her and that the luxuries mean NOTHING without her with you to enjoy them.

But 4 closets, 2 baths, living and dining room, kitchen and a hot tub?
Can I come up and stay with you?

Love, Aunt Joy