Monday, June 16, 2008

Rollin' the Dice

Well, not so much rolling the dice as much as watching other people roll the dice. The Antisdel Abstract is coming to you from hot and steamy Las Vegas this week! Unfortunately for me on this beautiful trip, only 25% of our party has any interest in playing games. I'll let you guess which person that is. I'll give you a hint. It's not Brad, Amy or Michael. Duh.

We arrived yesterday afternoon with no problems or issues. The temperature was 106 when we landed. Stepping off the plane made me picture us walking into a gigantic casserole dish being placed in an oven. But it's a dry heat.

Yesterday was the one time the boys would have any opportunity to hang at the pool (all the pools close at 7.00 here, what is that about?) so we quickly checked into our hotel - much to Brad's chagrin we did not get the gigantic suite he had last time - and headed down to the pool. I was THRILLED when I found it nearly deserted. One year ago for our honeymoon, it was a good day if we could find a piece of cement in which to lay out and tan. At the MGM Signature, we had our choice of any chair in the cabana. We purchased a few overpriced cocktails and settled in the cool salt water pool. About 35 minutes in I had a headache so huge I could barely move. Brad was quick to remind me that the sun here is different than Kansas City and I was likely suffering from a mix of dehydration and sun exposure. We headed inside and changed for dinner.

Dinner was a 3 mile walk to the other end of the strip at a restaurant called Maggiano's. Very tasty but a bit pricey- surprise surprise. We strolled leisurely to our dinner, stopping at casino's and reminiscing about our honeymoon. We even saw a real lion habitat! I felt bad for Mr. Lion though. Lots of people were taking flash pictures at him. Can you imagine having flashes in your face all day long? No thank you; unless I'm a model and getting paid four grand an hour. Pretty sure the lion's getting paid zilch.

So that was day one...I've got pictures below taken from my phone. My camera is too huge to carry all over Vegas so the phone pictures are going to have to do.

This last weekend Brad, the girls and I ventured to Brad's Dad's house for a quick hello and Happy Father's Day, then we drove to Creston, IA where Brad's aunt and uncle on Janette's side were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! Fifty years. Now that's an accomplishment worth a week long trip somewhere spectacular! I didn't take any pictures for some reason, but I'm supposed to be receiving some and I'll post them then. Congratulations Dick and JoAnn! Here's to another 50!
Amy and I are on our own to do whatever we please today here in Vegas while the boys work hard and earn a paycheck. I'm thinking we'll be heading down to the pool any minute! I'll try to snap some pictures again tonight and post tomorrow.
Chandelier in our lobby. After a few beers, it looked picture worthy.

My husband and his beer.

Watch out Vegas, the Antisdel's are here!!


Anonymous said...

See, I do read your blogs Kim - and I'm even at work so that makes it extra special and dangerous considering my every move is being watched while I'm working. Have a great time and win big so we can all go out and live in Vegas in the lap of luxury!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

As always I love reading you. The photos are great and you and Brad always look so happy. That makes me happy.

But could you please get rid of the swirls over your words? It's so difficult to read with my old eyes. Pretty = Yes though.

Aunt Joy