Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The socks explained

I've only had about a dozen people ask me about one of the photos that was included in my wedding slide show. Photo is below. The story after the jump...

So why is my husband rocking these socks? Did he magically become a die hard KU fan overnight? No. Perhaps he lost a bet? Negative.

As everyone knows by now, Brad is spending every other week in Las Vegas for work. Every other Saturday, he packs his suitcase with great care and caution. He checks and double checks his luggage to make sure he has forgotten nothing. But one fateful Sunday night, he arrived in Vegas to discover he was missing something very important. Underpants.

Don't get me wrong, my husband is a very clean man, but Vegas is awful steamy and we certainly don't want...chafing. So, off Brad went to the local Las Vegas Gap where, joy of all joys, boxers were on sale. But are boxers ever really enough?

For those of you that know Brad, he loves to shop. His shopping style reflects the famed children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Except for Brad the title would read, "If You Buy a Boy Some Undies...He's Going to Want Socks, Too." And so, as Brad stood in that air-conditioned plethora of underpants, he notice some interesting footwear nearby. ARGYLE SOCKS! No person should ever be deprived of argyle socks. They are the new black! They are the new "it" personal clothing item. And so he bought lots of them.

Fast forward to last Friday afternoon as Brad and I packed for my brother's wedding. I quietly folded my clothing, debating whether to bring four or five pairs of shoes when suddenly a gasp erupted from Brad's lips. He had no clean black socks for the wedding. Whatever would we do? I swear to God those argyle socks practically danced into his suitcase like little sweat shop sewn demons. Problem solved.

And that my friends, is how crazy socks ended up on my husband as he ushered my brother's wedding.

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