Tuesday, July 22, 2008

all time weird

Want a newborn but don't desire the stretch marks and fat ass it takes to get one? Perhaps you should indulge in the creepiest toy this side of TeleTubbies. Destiny's Reborn Babies are probably the most disturbing new "thing" on the market I've ever seen. Go ahead, look at the web-site. These are not real babies. The weirdest thing is, I think they're intended more for adults than children. But WHY? I guess maybe if you're really old and miss the company of a newborn in your house? Or maybe they're for 27 year-old blogging wannabe Mom's that aren't ready for a baby yet. Maybe they're good practice for if your baby is mute? I've run all the possible reasons, and haven't found a good one yet.

On the flip side, they are very life-like and extremely cute. But hand-on-the-Bible, I could not go to bed at night with one of these suckers in my house. I would have nightmares beyond which the normal human mind can comprehend. Their eyes look real. And it appears to me that you can rearrange them on their side, their back or whatever position strikes your fancy. I can't help but picture a housewife buying one of these babies unbeknownst to her husband. Can't you just see the husband coming home from work only to find a crib and blankets where his favorite recliner used to reside? Now that would be a sight I'd pay money to see.


Anonymous said...

I give in and will admit, that is officially the creepiest thing I have ever seen in my life!! And here I thought the 900lbs woman with the mullet and fanny pack at the state fair was bad. Nope, these dolls have topped the list and remain in first place for a long time to come. I think the weirdest part though was when scrolling down on the page one doll had the exact same binkie that Brei is sleeping with right now!
Missie Antisdel

phat bess said...

So those babies are way freaky, it's weird how their hair looks sweaty and slept in. Strange indeed.

Judith said...

I don't think I can sleep tonight--these things have spooked me supremely. Thanks. Thanks a lot.