Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the bates motel

Well, not really that bad. The hotel I'm residing in tonight leaves a lot bit to be desired for the rate I'm paying. Unfortunately there's some huge baseball thing going on here in Wichita and Fairfield Inn was all I could get. At $119.00 a night, you would think I could at least get a complete room (see pictures after the jump). On the other hand, I'm safe and have a place to sleep for tonight.

Needless to say, I'm excited to go home to KC tomorrow. Today was long and tiring, and tomorrow will be no different. However, I do have to give mad props to whoever invented the concept of the GPS. As far as I'm concerned, it stands for "Girl Placement System". I'm not familiar with Wichita geographically, and that little do-dad on my console got me every place I needed to be. On time and most importantly, accident free. God bless technology.

Left side nightstand

Right side nightstand- are we missing something here? It's like living in my first apartment all over again!


Anonymous said...

I would be afraid they would notice it missing and think I took the lampshade. Someone did!!

antisdel said...

No worries, I made sure to let the front office know it was gone as soon as I got there!

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