Sunday, July 27, 2008

come hell or high water

They say violence is a learned behavior. If it weren't for Brad and Janette's cool heads this weekend, our children might have had a serious lesson in violence from their step-mother....

Grandma Janette and cousin Aiden came down to Kansas City to visit us and the girls. Friday night we ate at T-Rex Restaurant, and Saturday ventured to Crown Center for lunch and puppet shows. When the temp reached 4,360 degrees, we collectively decided to go to the swimming pool. Great idea, right? I cleverly remembered that near Brad's old duplex was a brand new swimming pool complete with water slides, a big dumping barrel of water, and a huge concession area. Perfect!

We loaded up the three kids into car seats. We drove for 35 minutes in mass amounts of construction. We anticipated the cool water across our backs. And we arrived, only to be stopped at the gate. Apparently this particular pool was paid for by the taxes of the law abiding citizens of Shawnee, KS. Unless we could provide identification proving that we were Shawnee residents, we were not allowed in. WHAT? I seem to remember living in Shawnee for a year and a half. I paid my damn taxes while that pool was being built and I was surviving on ramen noodles and vodka. And now just because I moved away, we can't GO IN? Needless to say, I seriously contemplated strangling the pubescent child behind the counter. I asked for (a.k.a rudely demanded) the manager, who turned out to be approximately 17, complete with out-of-the-box highlights and teeth whiter than bleached Chicklets. He calmly examined his cuticles while reciting Section 4.32 of the Shawnee Criminal Pool Code Handbook. We were sunk without even stepping foot into a pool.

Dejected, we drove a few miles away to the Merriam City pool. By the grace of God, Brad managed to locate his car registration that listed his old Merriam address. It was a good thing too, because sure enough, the pool Nazi's reside in Merriam too. They asked for ID. With shaking hands Brad presented the registration, claiming we didn't have ID with us. I felt like we were trying to smuggle coke across the Mexican border. Satisfied we weren't illegal aliens trying to steal precious swim time from their citizens, the lifeguard let Brad's car registration grant us entrance...complete with the $5.00 per person entry fee. For that much money, we could have bought a big-ass blow-up pool from Target and made our own damn sandwiches. Yes, I'm still bitter.

We didn't let the pool debacle derail our good times, and we all had a wonderful weekend. The girls got some new clothes and shoes and got to spend time with cousin Aiden. Grandma Janette and Aiden left early this morning, and Brad headed to Vegas at around 12.45. Now it's me and the girls for another half hour before I take them home to Liberty. They're working hard on thank you cards for Grandma while I blog. We're just a buncha creative sistah's sitting around the table on a hot Sunday afternoon. I'd take them to the pool , but Janette and Brad aren't there to stop me from killing someone.

Future Paleontologists of America- The Kansas City Chapter

Aiden getting our food at Fritz's

In front of Fritz's- A Kansas City tradition!

Choo Choo hats!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you wrote about the weekend!! All I got out of Aiden as he slipped between sleep and being awake was "it" was fun. As for what "it" was, I was absolutely clueless!!! Thank you for letting him come down to spend time with the girls. I hope he didn't wake you up at 5:30am like he does us every weekend! Hope to see you up here soon.
Missie Antisdel