Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 1 of July 4th weekend...

My apologies for the break in blogging. I took a vacation from it for the weekend of the 4th! Even if I wanted to I wouldn't have had time to blog. We traveled approximately 600 miles this weekend in a span of three days and I am pooped. I'll go through the days one by one, this could take awhile...
Friday we loaded up the van with our tent, lawn chairs, swimming suits and every possible outdoor activity known to man and headed to Lake Shawnee for the Arnold 4th of July celebration. Each year my parents and their neighborhood friends rent out several spots at the lake, eat large quantities of food and camp 'til they drop.
All of the gals and kiddies enjoyed swimming at the lake Friday while the boys went golfing. That evening we all gathered around the picnic tables and dined on perfectly tender barbecue ribs. Just as night rolled in, we sat our lawn chairs out in a row and watched the spectacular fireworks show. After the fireworks ended and it was time for bed. Only problem was, not everyone in the vicinity considered 10.30 to be bedtime. It was pretty difficult falling asleep in a tent with M-80's going off every three minutes. Surprisingly the girls went right to sleep with no problem. Eventually Brad and I nodded off as well, only to wake up and immediately hit the road on our way to Iowa. We had a great time at Lake Shawnee and hope to do it again soon!
Here's some photos from the Topeka leg of our Midwest 4th of July Tour. Next up is Iowa!!!
Ready for the lake!!


No fear Jacque was the first to let Grandma bury her in the sand

Makayla was next, and Taylor enthusiastically volunteered to bury her sister.

All covered up!

Finally free!

Tay's next!

Just a head in the sand.

Jacob opted for staying out of the dirty sand. And instead swam in dirty water.

Jacque and her flag.

Tay and her flag.

Makayla waving hers!

Minutes before the fireworks. Proud to be Americans!


erin said...

So cute. Looks like good ole fashioned family fun. Glad you are back on the blog bandwagon!

Anonymous said...

Love your updates and the pictures!
I swear the girls just keep getting cuter and cuter. They really impressed me last year at your wedding festivities. The 2 of them and Aiden were so great together!
Janette has wonderful grandchildren! And her sons and daughter-in-laws are pretty great too!
Love, Aunt Joy