Thursday, July 24, 2008

the dream (or death) machine

Hubs' dream has finally come true.

In the upcoming days he will be the proud of owner of a death machine- known to everyone else as a motorcycle.

Several months ago I confessed to Hubs that for our anniversary I was buying him one of two things: a bike (boo) or the opportunity to get the porcelain teeth veneers he's always wanted ( rah rah!).

I was quite confident he'd choose the veneers, and simply offered the bike so it appeared that he had a choice in the matter.

(Because really, I make all the decisions around here.)

Who would choose a bike over porcelain veneers and a perfect smile? The answer is, of course, Hubs. My plan backfired and I have now agreed to let my husband purchase the one thing I told him I'd never sign off on.

Lesson learned? For a man, an engine trumps beauty every time. Who knew?

Because I'm all too aware of how picky Hubs is about his possessions, I opted out of buying a random bike and surprising him with it in the garage. I was too scared I'd hear, "Oh, you got that kind of a bike? Not really what I had in mind, babe." Therefore, I gave Hubs a budget and carte blanche to purchase whatever bike he wanted that fell within that number.

After countless hours on craig's list and ebay motors, Hybs has finally found his baby. Ironically, it's in Iowa and Hubs' brother delivered the deposit to the seller this afternoon. So, very soon we will have a new addition to the family.

(For those of you keeping count, that's 3 motor objects in our driveway with a one car garage. We have officially reached "used car lot" status.)

Above is the picture of Hubs' bike model. Or something like it.

(I'm not into details.)

When the real thing arrives at our house I'll be sure to post some pictures. And though I sound horribly bitter, I will admit that Hubs is a very careful driver and I wouldn't have offered to get the bike if I didn't trust him.

(Although WHY couldn't have picked the RIGHT gift?)

It's always been his dream to have a bike, and who am I to smash that dream? He's assured me that he will stick to side roads and stay off the highway as much as possible. Now I can rest easy.... or not. Is there a support group for wives of bike riders? I could easily start one.

WAMD - "Wives Against Motocrycle Drivers"?

AHHW - "Alive Husbands, Happy Wives". I think I'll look into this.

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