Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Heart Positiveness

Comments are good. They're like a little word present every time I check my blog. Thanks for all of you that left comments or emailed to tell me to give the publishing game a try. Your positivity is contagious. To that end, I've submitted a few query letters to agents and publishing houses based on what types of work they publish. We shall see. For the most part, every book and article I've read reasures that the first try at getting published will most likely not work. That that makes sense, considering after college it took me over 19 resumes and 5 interviews to get a job in which I had an actual degree. I shouldn't expect to break into the book world overnight. But I still do anyway.

On a "finally" note, below are some photos from Brad's aunt JoAnn's 50th wedding anniversary a few weeks back. I've been a bit of a snail about getting them up, but here they are!

The happy couple! 50 years and still going strong.

Grandma Janette and her mini-me, Brei.

The kids entertaining themselves in the nursery/playroom.

Our wing of the Larkin family

Dick and JoAnn's family

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those pictures, I didn't realize until I saw them though that my shirt made me look like a heefer, the camera adds 10 lbs and that shirt added another 20!!! Its the last time I will wear it anytime soon.
Missie Antisdel