Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've Got a Fever...

and no, I don't want more cowbell. Most of you already know this, but I totally have unstoppable, mad, crazy, get-me-to-a-Target-registry baby fever.

About two weeks ago I managed to convinced myself I had gotten over it. We have enough going on with new jobs, bills, our beautiful daughters, the basement etc. etc. Whatever, I was totally kidding myself. Last night as I visited with our neighbors after my lock out experience, I got to hold their one month old son Barrett for about five minutes. And I contemplated stealing him.

I look at baby books. I look at baby shoes. I look at baby diapers and find them adorable. The idea of cleaning poo poo excites me. Each night as Hubs and I watch movies on the couch after a hard day, I'm not contemplating the plot line of the film we're watching.


I'm scheming reasons to go visit the neighbors. In fact, one might argue that my locking myself out of the house yesterday was a subconscious ploy to get myself over to Liz and Jeremy's to play with Barrett. Sick? Yes. True? It's not far off...

So yes, I admit it here for everyone to see. I have the fever. I'm accepting it, I'm embracing it. And besides, everyone else is doing it. One of our good friends is pregnant. Erin just had her baby. Missie has baby Brei. I have several friends that are trying. Of course, right now I can hear Hubs saying, "if everyone jumped off a cliff would you do it?"

Yes. If there was a super-human baby there to catch my fall. And I got to keep him.

I guess all I can say is I'm done fighting it. Hubs always feels it necessary to tell everyone we talk to that I have baby fever and I'm always denying it. Why is that? It's not a crime to want a baby, is it? I'm not breaking any rules. And just because I want one doesn't mean I'm getting one. (I learned that lesson with the Tiffany diamond earrings I wanted.) It's okay to dream and I'm going to dream. Dream and dream and dream (and take my birth control pill) and dream and dream and dream.....

Below are some pictures that are fanning "the dream" fire.

Amazing crib. Nowhere to put it, but amazing all the same.

Amazing crib #2. Still nowhere to put it, and I don't care.

Beautiful bedding for previous amazing cribs that we have no room for.

More amazing bedding to go with the bedding that would go with the cribs we have no room for.


Anonymous said...

I would enjoy the time without a baby if I where you!! Don't get me wrong I love my daughter and I'm glad I had her. But lugging around all the diaper bags and toys and sippy cups just to go to the grocery store is no fun!! If you want next time you come to town you can put in some practice with Brei(but I must warn you she can scoot faster than any baby I've ever seen) See you this weekend at Grandpa's! Missie

Erin said...

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a baby with your husband. It's a special thing and no parent would disagree with me! You guys will be great parents one day. Can't wait!