Tuesday, July 22, 2008

late thursday shoes

I was sick last Thursday, so I neglected to put up Thursday shoes. But don't worry, I've retrieved the pair I was planning on posting. For your viewing pleasure, the Balenciaga ankle strap sandal. Everyone loves a red shoe, but a red shoe with amazing detail? We have a winner. Normally I'm not a fan of sheos with the heel a different color than the main part of the shoe, but this one pulls it off nicely with the black continuing onto the sole of the shoe. The thicker heel helps this firecracker not seem so "dainty". After all, you can't be a wall flower and pull these shoes off. The faint of heart need not apply for these bad boys. Neither should the poor. At $580, you might have to open a bluefly.com charge card, but wouldn't it soooo be worth it?

Shhh, if you listen quietly you can hear my Dad banging his head against the wall saying, "Where did we go wrong with this child?"

1 comment:

phat bess said...

You can never go wrong with a red shoe. Love 'em!