Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Shoes

Week #2 of Shoe Thursday has arrived, but in reality it's Friday! Woo hoo! So I decided to post some fun shoes to celebrate the short week. These little do-dads can be found on the Nordstrom web-site. No clue what I'd wear them with, but that's really the whole point. You buy the outfit to go with the shoes!

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Anonymous said...

Spent my 15 minute break from packing dishes for our move by reading and watching Kermit and Ms Piggy's wedding scene. I hadn't see the movie before.

Reminds me to wish you and Brad a very Happy 1st Wedding anniversary on July 14!!! That's a Monday. Will Brad be in town?

George and I spent our 1st anniversary in Hawaii after not seeing each other for 6 months. He took his R&R from Viet Nam to meet me and he arrived on the day!

I traveled with the cake top so we could partake of it. Did you save yours?

Aunt Joy