Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Shoes

I'm all about comfort. And hotness. Therefore wedges are all the rage in my closet. They're comfy, classy and most importantly- comfy. The best thing about wedges is a 3" heel feels like a flat. Support is always there for your strength-challenged ankles and, even better, grates on the sidewalk will no longer send you diving for solid ground. Gravy.

Today I have selected a shoe that I've already purchased and received numerous "where did you get those?" comments. My friends, the Payless Shoe Source "Hiatus Stacked Wedge" by Fioni. In super hot orange. Where else can you spend $22.99 and come out looking hotter than Kim Cattrall on a good sex day?


erin said...

no way. those are not from payless. seriously? presh. i should get back into like non-mom shoes. i've been rockin tennies and flips the past..ohhhhhhhhh 9 months. maybe i should break in slowly with the wedge. hmm.

phat bess said...

Payless has definately improved over the years. One of my good friends works for them as a designer in women's, I'll give her the credit.

Erin you should get some ballet flats. They're really hot right now and they'd still be easy to chase D around in.