Sunday, July 13, 2008

With an Ink and a Smile...

Word of warning: Long post for tonight!

July 14th, 2007 I was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams. And on Monday, I will celebrate that day with my husband- over the telephone. Unfortunately Hubs will be in Las Vegas for work on the "official" anniversary of our wedding. But we were determined to make it work and decided to celebrate on Saturday.

The plan was for Grandma and Grandpa and the kids to attend both Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun on Saturday. But it rained. And continued to rain for the majority of the day. Therefore the original plan was botched and replaced with an indoor play park and an evening showing of "Wall-E"instead. As Hubs and I waved good-bye to the kids for the afternoon I got a little excited. A WHOLE Saturday and night to spend with my hub. In Kansas City. That's as rare as my favorite steak.

After the kids and Grandma and Grandpa left, Brad said he had something I would be extremely excited to see. He hopped up the stairs and returned with his book bag.

Curious, I watched as he dug around inside the bag, only to produce something I'd been missing for a long, long time. The bracelet we got on our first date. Mine had broken months ago, but Hubs located it and decided to re-gift it to me on our anniversary. I examined the broken bracelet and determined that it was absolutely fixable with a little super glue, but Hubs worried I was expecting a little more for an anniversary gift.

I assured him that no, this was absolutely perfect, and turned to place the bracelet on the table. I turned back only to find him standing before me with a Helzberg Diamond bag, saying, "Maybe this would be a little better?" Cue the water works.

My loving Hubs bought me the anniversary band for my ring. Though the ring needs to be sized, it will be absolutely perfect and I was completely shocked. My man knows how to knock a woman on her butt.

Next up it was my turn to face my fears, all in the name of love. One year ago, Hubs tried to give me a wedding present of his and hers matching tattoos bearing our wedding date.

One of us held up our end of the bargain.

Though I had convinced myself I could do it, when the time came to sit in the chair last year, I ran like a scared three year old. But one year later I was determined to get my tattoo before the mark of our anniversary.

We drove to "Freaks" tattoo parlor and commissioned the same artist that inked Hubs. He was such a sweet guy (and uber clean, a definite plus) and did all he could to put me at ease. Not an easy task. In the end, I found myself in the chair, iodine on my neck,a horrible buzzing in my ear, thinking, "Oh my God this is the end for me." Hubs held my hand and spoke soothing words. I don't remember a thing he said, I was too busy freaking out. Maybe that's why the parlor is called "Freaks"??

Because of the location of my tattoo, I was unable to watch the procedure. This was good. Had I been able to view anything I might have just ripped the needle apparatus from the unsuspecting artist, shoved it in his eye and screamed, "SEE IF YOU LIKE IT!!"

Instead, I patiently waited for the pain to come. And waited a little more. And then it showed up. In spades.

Call me a wimp, call me a coward; I am probably both.

I cried. Then I shook while I cried. Eric (the artist) told me to try and remain still. So I cried harder because I was a lousy patient. Which made me shake, and made Eric's job harder.

Hubs took pictures.

(Consequently, I will have Hubs patted down and thoroughly examined before he is allowed in the delivery room when we have our first child.)

Five minutes later I was the proud owner of a small tattoo that matched my husbands. Eric did a fantastic job in spite of my 4.0 Richter scale shaking. The tat looked great, Hubs was proud of me and I must say so was I.

I was inked. (Pictures below)

All of the day's excitement called for a little celebration in the form of a fabulous dinner at "Hereford House" at Zona Rosa. A medium rare steak, a little red wine and amazing conversation were on the menu. Hubs and I talked about the past year and decided we'd be all right if this year was a little less crazy. Since our wedding we have been through: the end of two old jobs, the acquiring of two new jobs, two new cars, a new house, a new baby niece, and a job that requires travel to Vegas once every week.

It's time to slow it down. (This severely interrupts my baby plans.)

Post dinner it was off to Hyatt Place for a nice hotel room, some champagne and the eating of year old wedding cake.

I won't lie. It tasted like....year old wedding cake. So we had one bite, drowned the aftertaste with champagne and made a new vow - to never eat year old cake again.

Our Saturday celebration together was absolutely perfect, and I'm glad I can share it with all of you. I wouldn't change a thing about this past year and I am looking forward to many more exciting years to come. Thanks to everyone who loved and supported us in this our first year of marriage. We'll be calling you in the future to ask for more help in tough and happy times, so don't you worry about that going away. We'll always be here.

PS- Yes, I gave Hubs an anniversary present, and when he finally chooses/buys it, I will put up pictures!

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erin said...

YAY!!!!!!!! YOU GOT IT! I am so proud of you! Happy anniversary, lovers! Love you both!

phat bess said...

Awe that's so sweet! We never ate our cake on our 1st year anni. I wonder if it's still in my parents freezer. It'd be really gross by now. Congrats on the tat, the pain was definately worth looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Nice tat. Watch out though they are very addicting.( I had to make Brent promise me he wouldn't let me get anymore, four is enough!)
Missie Antisdel