Wednesday, August 20, 2008

is this beer that I have or is this wine?

Howdy partner! Jessica Simpson is the new spokesperson for a beer. Stampede Plus Light is a new brew to the market place and originates in Dallas, TX. The "Plus" being that it's loaded with lots of nutritious vitamins for the active lifestyler. So it's Michelob Ultra, with spurs. I gotta hand it to the Stampede Plus Light people, they're taking a pretty big risk. You never know what Jess is going to say, and I can easily picture her on Good Morning America touting, "It's super yummy, and the grapes give it great flavor. The hops were raised in a beautiful vineyard." Well, she didn't know Chicken of the Sea was tuna...

It's not a huge surprise that Jessica is taking on this new endeavor. Her newest album falls into the yee-ha genre, and becoming a spokesman for a Texas based beer will hopefully give her new CD some country cred. She hopes. Unfortunatley, she was booed during her first performance of the new CD in Wisconsin. Maybe the crowd just needed some Stampede Light Plus. Vitamins make you happy.

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