Monday, August 11, 2008

love at first bite

Need something to read this summer? How about four something's? Not to go all "Oprah's Book Club" on you, but I have the collection for you. My literature obsessed best buddy Judy just turned me on to the Stephanie Meyer's four book series known as "The Twilight Collection". When she first suggested them, I looked away and tried not to do my snort laugh. Here's the gist: Teenage girl meets boy. Boy is strange but likes teenage girl. Something is off. Boy is vampire. Aaaaand....scene!

Vampire love stories? This is where Judy lost me. I'm all for books with twists, but a vampire? Could we get a bit more hokey? (Plus you all remember I have issues with vampires anyway.) It all sounded very cult this and demon that for my taste. However, Judy assured me I was in for a treat. In fact, she was so confident that I would love the story, she told me to forgo the library and just buy the first novel. Apparently she knew I would be making a return trip the next day for the second book.
So I did it. While shopping for Makayla's birthday presents, I reluctantly picked up the first book, "Twilight", and began to read on the way up to Iowa this weekend. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. This book is like a vortex from which you cannot escape. Who knew a vampire love story could be so - intriguing? On Sunday, I confessed to Jan (Brad's step-mom) that I was reading a book about teen vampires. Imagine my shock when a look of recognition passed over her face as she exclaimed, "I have them all! Do you want to borrow?" Christmas came early!!

I won't give further details about the books; that would cheat your enjoyment. The movie based on the first novel comes out December 12th, so you still have time to read before it's here. Trust me, read the book first. But if you're book incapacitated (my husband joins you in your plight) simply wait for December and see the movie. Just remember that movies have been known to do the books they derive from absolutely no justice. Is that a risk you really want to take?? I didn't think so.


eringirlie said...

I finished the last book last week. It was wonderful!

Judith said...

Yay! I'm soooooo soooooo glad you're as addicted as I am! Now I don't feel quite so lame trying to explain the premise to people. I'll just direct them to your blog and say, 'see, I'm not alone!'. Oh, just you wait--you're going to salivate over the next three books. I'm seriously thinking about re-reading them myself, although I've loaned Twilight to a friend of mine. She's an 8th-grade English teacher who's never read them and wants to know what her students are raving about--haha! :)

PS: Edward is mine. End of story. You can just go ahead and replace Bella's name with mine in the books--it was a typo.

antisdel said...

I am halfway through book two, and finding every excuse I can to take a minute to read. It's getting in the way of my household chores!