Thursday, August 14, 2008

thursday shoes

Yummy yummy yummy. These shoes made my little heart get all bubbly the minute I saw them. For those of you that are fashion challenged, berry is the new color for the season. (I know that because I see it everywhere, not because I'm in some special fashion club loop.) Lipsticks, eye-shadow, clothes and shoes are looking berry, berry sweet this fall, and these Jasmine Mary Jane pumps from (wait for it) Target totally fit the bill. And they're $32.99! I can't go to Applebee's for less than $35!

The heel is completely substantial on this shoe, making it easier to wear throughout the day. And, of course, check out the heel on the shoe...same color as the body. This Mary Jane is mighty juicy and fulfills all my requirements. It will coordinate nicely with pants, skirts or capris and take you from day to night in the flash of an eye. My only issue with this shoe (would that be called an "ish-shoe?") is its creator, Issac Mizrahi. I find him incredibly annoying and don't thrill at the idea of putting money in his designer pockets. Guess I'll just tell myself that the money's going to the little factory workers he probably gropes on a regular basis.

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