Thursday, August 21, 2008

thursday shoes

Dear Restricted Button Boots,

You are beautiful. Just look at you. That oh-so-soft and feminine suede contrasted with a tough, masculine patent cap toe. It's a thing that makes me go "mmmm". 

And let's just discuss how clever you are. Your unique and intricate button detail implies you might prove difficult to put on. But in fact, your inner leg zipper makes getting you on my feet deceptively simple.

You will be easy to take off and hug. Possibly in public.

I'm not sure I've ever fallen for a pair of footwear so quickly before. So smitten am I that this afternoon I actually scoured the internet for a pair of skinny jeans to tuck into you. You are "Little House on the Prairie" meets Fashion Week, and even can't beat that pairing.

I'm not positive I am worthy of wearing you.

You do have a downside though, and in the interest of my readers I must bring it to light.  Though it isn't your fault, your sticker price is a bit daunting, coming in at $140.00 retail.

(Let's not be silly, though.  I'll still buy you, I just wanted to complain for a moment.)

You know, Button Boots, there's a saying that preaches "You Can't Take it With You". Fortunately for me, I don't plan on taking you, I'm going to wear you. All over this town. 

And someday when I reach the Pearly Gates, I can't imagine anyone turning me down with you on my tootsies. After all, I'll be 3 1/2" taller...and fashionable to boot.

Pun intended.

I Think I Love You,



erin said...

OMG! The button boots! I feel so honored to have been with you in perhaps the most brilliant purchase to date. I hope you enjoy. And I'm glad I don't live near you to see you in them on a weekly basis, because if so, I would be insanely jealous.

Stephanie said...

How weird is it that I really just saw a lady @ work in a pair of boots much similar to these this week?!?!?!? She said she got them last year in California. I think she was lying. Unfortunately for her, they weren't near as cute as the picture you have up!