Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wacky wednesday shoes

Calm down, Thursday shoes isn't going anywhere. I still need my weekly fix of new peep toes and wedges to polish off a rough week. However, today I was searching for tomorrow's shoe entry and ran across the apparent new hotness for the fall season. Bubble Boots. I can't promise that this trend will ever make it to Kansas (we're still struggling to get past polyester) but if it does, you can say you saw it here first.

These boots first made an appearance at New York's Fashion Week and it doesn't appear that they are available in stores yet. What I can tell you is that they are...unique. A morphing of Moon Boots and really fat grub worms. The best part? Due to the width of the boot, your legs will look slimmer. And deformed. I'm not sure what's going on with the model's legs, but she has so many layers they resemble bizarre Lego pieces.

I probably will not be rocking Bubble Boots this fall, but props to anyone who gives it a shot. Considering they're from Lacoste, I'd look for a relatively hefty price tag. And don't blame me when someone asks if you're headed to a Napoleon Dynamite look-alike contest.


eringirlie said...

They kinda look like they were made for people with cankles.

Judith said...

These are SICK! And not in a cool way. I thought at first the model was walking through fluff and you couldn't see her feet, but then came to the shocking realization that she was indeed full-footed on the runway in these horrible burnt marshmallows. Eww. Just threw up in my mouth. I know I said this about skinny jeans and am eating my words now, but if I ever think about purchasing these monstrosities....just call me out! Pineapple shirt alert! :)