Tuesday, September 2, 2008

all pumped up, with the air let out

So last night, I'm all excited. Prison Break season premiere starts at 7. Sweet. In addition, yesterday marked the beginning of my "Get Off Your Ass" program. It's catered to me, by me, for me. And mostly it involves getting use out of my elliptical machine once again. For the last few months it's been sitting in the basement, lethargically gathering dust.

The plan was to eat a farewell to fat foods meal for lunch, get all jazzed up, and be on the elliptical at 7.00 sharp to watch Michael Scofield be all sexy. Perfect plan. So there I was, at 6.45, dressed and ready to go. I kissed Brad buh-bye and headed down to the basement. I turned on the TV, put my bottle of water in the cup holder on the machine, stretched a bit and hopped on, ready to roll. Then I realized the television was a bit quiet. Or silent. Muttering obscenities to myself, I got off the elliptical, grabbed the remote and turned up the volume. Nada. Zilch. Zero. What the #%$@? You see people, this is why I hate technology. You spend $85 a month for channels in HD, and all the best packages. Then when you need it the most, the little cable box takes a big fat dump right on your exercise plans.

Long story kind of short, I reset the cable box and conceded to watching the show upstaris sans workout equipment. Nearly an hour later, the television downstairs worked loud and clear. By this time, I had made myself pity guacamole and consumed roughly 43 corn chips. Looks like the workouts will begin tonight.


Judith said...

Chips y quacamole really do make everything better. Especially my fat ass....!!

Rachel said...

Aahahaha ... i heart this story :)