Monday, September 22, 2008

best website ever

Ever wonder what you'd look like if you had your Mom's hairstyle from high school? gives you that opportunity. My friend Jamie from high school turned me onto this today and I had way too much fun giving myself 60's and 80's do's. Check 'em out and then go on the website and try it yourself. Put a picture of your face in the provided spot, then pick a year and watch as you are transformed into a yearbook photo from days gone by. I'm thinking about trying out picture #2. What do we think?

1982 picture. And I know I had this style at one time or another. I just don't think there's any photographic evidence of it.

1964. You know you love it.

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Erin A. said...

Haha, these are fabulous. I'll have to do some for BJ and I sometime.