Monday, September 29, 2008

"deck" the halls

This weekend was all about projects that needed to get done before the coldness of winter arrives. For the last few months, we've been doing a lot of talking, but not a lot of walking when it comes to our project list. So, this weekend, with the help of Bill and Jan (Brad's Dad and step-mom) we all rolled up our sleeves and got the deck stained.

It was frickin hot on Sunday afternoon as we applied the stain, with nearby Nascar noise and neighbors cheering at the Chief's vs. Bronco's as the day's soundtrack. More than a few times I worried about heat exhaustion for Bill, who refused to come down from his ladder to get a drink of water. After about 4 hours, two gallons of stain, one wasp nest, one trip to Lowe's and thirteen thousand brush strokes, we stepped back and surveyed our work. Satisfied with the result, we headed to Outback for some much deserved cocktails and tasty lunch before Bill and Jan headed home. It feels awfully nice to put a big fat check mark next to "Stain the Deck" on our to-do list. Thanks for your help, Bill and Jan!

The deck before...or should I say during, its transformation

The "after". Soooo much better!

Our beautiful deck is no longer an eye-sore or a splinters magnet!

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Amanda Hunt said...

looks great! May I ask, is this a two-tone deck staining? I wasn't sure from the pictures. I really want to do a 2-tone on my deck (dark stain on the places you DON'T stand/sit) I caught sight of your pictures while searching Google for images. how are you liking the color? everyone is pressuring us to stay away from dark because of the heat retention, but I love the color with our siding.