Monday, September 15, 2008

do you hear that?

It's the sound of serenity. Of peace. Of (almost) total and complete organization...

The hard truth is that until the basement is finished, I need a solution for my office. The kitchen table works nicely as a workspace but it's distracting when there is so much crap covering it that it's difficult to remember what color the table actually is. And it makes eating a challenge as well. My office is the single largest source of mania in our house. And Saturday Brad had enough of it. So...we bought a filing cabinet. Ta Da!!! Within half an hour, almost all of the papers were organized into neat little things called files (pronounced "feel-a's"? I don't know, it's new to me) and suddenly, I had room to breathe.

I didn't take a before picture but the after speaks for itself.

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, this one ranks in my top ten of all time. As you all probably know, we are one of the traveling-est couples to hit the US since the Oregon Trail. From Liberty to Iowa to Topeka to Oklahoma to Minnesota and back again, Brad and I have not had a "Staycation" in a long, long time. This weekend we put the car in park and stayed put. Kind of.

Friday we rented some movies and chilled on the sofa. Saturday we awoke with hunger pains and traveled to Sam's and HyVee for some much needed (and healthy) sustenance. Sunday we attacked the carpet, showers, sinks, sheets and office (see above) with a vengeance and made everything sparkly and new again. Then, after watching the Chiefs stink up Arrowhead stadium, we took a trip up to Liberty to look at some houses in the Parade of Homes. Yes I know, technically this is considered traveling, but I've decided that it doesn't count. We were only there an hour, and there was no sense of time or urgency on the clock forcing us to arrive or leave at any certain time. So there. Sunday night was football again (gotta love the Fantasy stuff) and head to pillow followed shortly thereafter.

The greatest part of this weekend was getting to see my husband for more than 10 minutes at a time and having him all to myself. I didn't have to entertain anyone else or worry about where we needed to go next and when to get there. I'm thinking the goal will be to have one of these kinds of weekends a little more often in the coming months. After all, we're still technically newlyweds. I think we deserve it.


erin said...


And the "office" looks awesome.

Missie said...

Wait, do you mean to tell me that married couples actually get to spend time with each other????? I dont think that Brent and I have done that since we first started dating, nearly 4 years ago. But even then we constantly had friends wth us most of the time!!!!!

kim said...

Yes, alone time is a nice luxury we don't often have. Not a problem I would have anticipated when we first got married. It's amazing how much STUFF comes up every week night/weekend. It's nice to just chill every now and again.

Missie said...

I envy you for your down time!! Enjoy it and have a great week!