Sunday, September 14, 2008

fire in the sky

On Friday and last night, we had some very interesting weather. Between the tornado warnings and constant rain, the sky was bound to put on quite a display. We had one of the largest and clearest rainbows I have ever seen in my life. I ran in the house to grab my camera, ran back out to snap a pic, and realized the battery was dead. It took a good 10 minutes to charge and by the time I was able to get a picture, the beautiful rainbow had faded. I did get a nice picture of the sky sans rainbow though, and it was just as captivating.


Anonymous said...

Too bad about the rainbow but the photo you captured it great.

It reminds me of the Arizona sunsets we see.

I have been reading faithfully but was out of town and moving and haven't posted but only lurked.

Been wondering how Makayla is doing. It's good for me to see a loving Step-Mother's feelings about "their" child. I am usually only exposed to the Mother's view point.

Congratulations for the article you are going to write. It's nice to have good connections, like Janette, but I know you had to sell them on you once you got in the door. Networking is the name of the game!

Love, Aunt Joy

BJMAR13 said...

In the spirit of some of your last comments.

Oh man. Your informations are the super excellent colander.

My Viagra needs are over the standard penny rate of the squirrel feed.

But really Kimmy, you take the best pictures. /jealous