Tuesday, September 2, 2008

misfortune teller?

I have a gift. Or a curse, depending on how you look at it. I've always known I had a little ESP. But now, I think I can predict my future- if it's bad.

Last week I had this bizarre dream that my best friend Erin and I were in the parking lot of our high school in her car. We got out of her Equinox after eating lunch in it (please hold your questions until later) and began the walk back into school. Suddenly Erin screamed bloody murder and took off running, a string of inappropriate verbiage following close behind her. I turned around, only to discover that her vehicle was merrily rolling out of the parking lot on its own. Apparently she forgot to put the car in park. I watched in horror as the car turned (on its own) onto the neighboring street and was crushed into 1,000 pieces by oncoming traffic. I awoke, dripping in sweat and wondering what in the name of everything holy brought that dream on.

The dream faded throughout the morning, and a few hours later I was prepared for my first appointment of the day. But I was running a little late. Natch. I hopped into Brad's Scion (he was in Vegas at the time) and immediately noticed it needed gas. Of course. Cursing at myself for not filling up the night before, I pulled into the nearest station, leapt out of the car and started my ritual argument with the gas pump. Did I want a car wash? No. Did I want a receipt? No. I want to get gas. Fianlly, the pump squeaked at me, signaling it was ready. I turned around, gas dispenser in my hand. There was no car. Until I looked to my right. And saw the Scion rolling away. Because I never took it out of drive.

I can only imagine what a vision I was that day, dropping the gas dispenser like a hot potato and hoofing after the car in my 4" houndstooth heels. Granted, the Scion was only about 5' away, but if there had been someone getting gas behind me - I shudder to think. After catching up to my runaway car and putting on the brake, I took a quick look around to see if anyone had noticed (the attendant was probably on the phone with her doctor to have her side sewn up) and nonchalantly re-started the car to pull back up to the pump.

So you see, I can foretell my misfortune. And I gotta hand it to myself for catching up with a 3,000 pound hunk of metal and rubber. The bright side is the incident didn't end like my dream. Otherwise you would not be hearing this story as I would be working nights at Target to pay Brad back for his car.

Brad- I know you're hearing this story for the first time right now. The important things is, I'm okay.

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