Monday, September 22, 2008

pop a top, it's the first day of fall

Yes, soda is bad for you. I know this. But I love it. With all of my little heart and soul. The sound of the millions of bubbles popping and stirring in my glass, the jolt of the cold liquid as it fizzles down my throat. I've had too many people tell me, "just try ice tea. It's still caffeine, but better for you. And it's sophisticated." To which I want to reply, does tea come in a super cool red and white aluminum cans that go "hisssss POP!" when you crack it open? No. Does tea taste like fresh dirt that I picked up out of my yard and tasted just for fun? Yes. Does iced tea instantly make me feel better when I'm having a crap day? No. Does iced tea lead me to believe I'm drinking really, really old water that has in some way fermented into a disgusting brown existence? Yes. And besides, iced tea is not sophisticated. It makes me think of elderly ladies shakily eating Jell-O at Old Country Buffet in a cloud of formaldehyde perfume. Gross. I'll take poisonous soda over that any day.

Bottom line, my love of soda isn't going anywhere. It may be horrible for me, it maybe be chalk full of toxic chemicals that are the reason my hair falls out in piles. But it's here to stay, and I have accepted that. It doesn't mean I can't control myself though. I limit myself to one a day (okay two if the occasion calls for it) and I try and drink water to balance that out. But today my friends, all bets are off. It's officially the first day of fall. The air is crisp and so is my Diet Dr. Pepper. So crack one open and leave your inhibitions with your Lipton. Just for one day. You'll thank me later.
PS- special thanks to Judy for being unashamed of her soda obsession right along with me.


erin said...

amen, sista! i love a cold diet dp as well!

Judith said...

Yay, my name is in your fab blog--I can now claim a full existence! :) To that, we shall toast (with a DDP, of course)....!!