Thursday, September 18, 2008

thursday shoes

I don't know why I keep calling this blog entry Thursday shoes when I always end up posting them on Friday. Nonetheless, here's the pump o' the week! Though I attended KU and the hub is die hard Iowa State, I still love my purple. It can add just that little punch of color that your outfit is missing, and it's a perfect color for fall. In fact, purple and plums are the standard for color this fall. Walk through any department store and you'll feel like you're in Manhattan, KS.

These Stuart Wetzman "Wicky" Slingbacks are the perfect coordinate to any outfit. With their adorable peep toe and super high heel, you'll stick out like a really well-manicured thumb! Make sure you log a few extra hours at work before you buy them, though. At $335 for the pair of these pretty purples, your checkbook might feel a little light after purchasing...

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phat bess said...

At least Thursday Shoes didn't get hacked into/spammed this week. :)