Tuesday, September 16, 2008

weighing in

Staying in shape is not easy. Everyone knows that. I, for one, am extremely hard on myself for eating that extra cookie, missing that afternoon jog, feverishly licking the remaining ranch out of the ramekin at the restaurant...you get the point. This brings me to my frustration of the day. Tabloids, the media and their obsession with weight watching on celebrities.

Today I saw this article on People. Eva Longoria Parker has apparently put on some pounds. Like, six of them. This is highly newsworthy. Since gaining these lbs, the media has constantly speculated that she's got a bun in the oven. Of course, because that's the most logical step. The media frenzy around this has been so overwhelming that Eva's co-stars feel compelled to comment. Felicity Huffman has been quoted saying, "she's just fat, that's all there is to it!"

Can you imagine the embarrassment of having to tell millions of people, "Look, I've just put on some weight. No pregnancy, no thyroid problem, I just ate too many Ding Dong's." And the worst part is, Eva Longoria is not fat!! She's not even slightly pudgy. Look at the picture in the article.

So here's my issue - some 13 year old girl is going to read that article and look at the picture of Eva while she is "fat". Then that young girl (who is still going through body changes by the hour) is going to stand in front of a mirror, look at herself and think, "I must be obese!" And then it will start. Skipped meals, liquid diets, purging, laxatives...it may not turn into that for everyone, but if it happens to just one person, that's too many.

Five years ago I never would have blinked twice at this article. But now I have two daughters who are tuned in to every move I make. Makayla has seen me drinking a soda before and asked, "Why do you like diet pop? Are you on a diet?" Kids are smarter than we give them credit for, and they absorb absolutely everything. And it doesn't take much to absorb the word FAT next to a woman who's perfectly healthy.

I don't really know where I'm going with this; it mostly just frustrates me. I guess my question would be, who is responsible for the kinds of things printed in the media? I'm all for the right to speak your opinion, but if your opinion is purely motivated by the desire to sell magazines, what kind of a system is that? Where is the sense of responsibility?

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Missie said...

The way I see it, is if you are happy, then who gives a crap???? I have put on 40 lbs since I first started dating Brent, but I dont care, Im happy!!! I used to have a trainer that I worked out with everyday, now my training is playing with my one year old daughter. It is a huge issue for those of us out there that do have young daughters. Does anyone realize anymore that Marlyn Monroe was a size 14 and was beautiful. One thing that they dont advertise in those magazines is how many stars do you see put on bed rest when they are pregnant, because they are too skinny to carry a baby to full term?? But on the other side of things, in high school my best friends were both size 00 and people picked on them because they couldn't gain weight no matter what they ate. My friend Ashlea to this day has problems dating guys because they think she is too skinny. No matter what, everyone is uncomfortable wth some part of their body, we just need to gt over it as a society!!!!!!!