Friday, September 12, 2008

what the...

So ten minutes ago I quickly log on to my blog to see if anyone has left a comment (it's my favorite part of the day when I have comments to read) on the recent blog posts - I have 9. I find myself getting excited. My readers must have really loved today's shoe selection. Generally there are 3, maybe 4 comments!! The pink boots must have arisen fashion excitement in the readers, right? Wrong.

All 9 comments are from completely random and bizarre people who apparently struggle with the English language. My top three faves are:

Third Place:

comment from: mobile wife
the comment: "yeah! its much better"
my thoughts: What a relief! being a stationary wife would be difficult, I'm sure.

Second Place:

comment from: cool dude game
the comment: "i'm here because of a few cents for you. just dropping by"
my thoughts: Is he confusing me with a really, really cheap hooker?

First Place for Most Random Comment:

comment from: divorce lawer guam
the comment: "help me"
my thoughts: You're the lawyer, shouldn't you be helping me?

Is it possible that my blog has been hacked or something? I know nothing about this, but I'm leaving the comments up for if you need a chuckle.


Laura Yeager said...

Your blogs are the highlight of MY day! Oh! And a congrats is due on your new article. I live in Shawnee so I'm anxiously awaiting to read whatever you come up with.

kim said...

Ahhhh, that's such a great compliment! Thanks so much for the congrats as well. I will be sure to announce when "the article" comes out! Must live up to the Shawnee residents expectations....

Erin A. said...

Haha, super awesome. You haven't been hacked; you've just become the target of the newest spamming craze. Now not only do you have to sort through e-mail spam, now you can enjoy blog comment spam too!