Friday, October 17, 2008

the air up there

Feeling meek? Unnoticed? Inconsequential, even? Maybe a little like Amos in "Chicago"? No worries, we've all been there. And baby I've got your cure.

Stuart Weitzman never ever ever lets me down. I give you the Mega Oxford. It is impossible not be noticed in these polished puppies.

I am over the moon about these shoes. And with that heel height, I could get there. Literally.

Thing is, I have nothing to wear with them.(A problem easily solved by a trip to Nordstrom.)

Some advice for you lovely readers: with these heels, I would make like Oprah and stay seated for much of the time you wear them. On the flip side, when you do stand up, the air you'll breathe will be fresher than usual.

So you ask, "if I'm sitting behind a desk, how will anyone notice my shoes?" Oh, ye of little imagination. Sitck out your tootsie and trip someone as they walk by your cube. Dangerous? Maybe, but I do actually know someone who met her boyfriend by accidentally tripping him in a similar style

They say love happens by chance. I say only if you're wearing the wrong shoes.

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rosiesmrtiepants said...

I admire your ability to wear (or even your ability to aspire to wear) heels that high. My six foot tall behind would be on the floor in no time! I pretty much live in flats. And flip flops. And fuzzy socks when I'm at home. Plus, have you ever tried to find an attractive size 11 shoe? Like banging your head against a wall.