Sunday, October 19, 2008

all in the family

As much as I love snarky and sarcastic posts about life, tonight I find myself snark blocked. I had way too much fun with hubs and the girls this weekend taking fall pictures and carving pumpkins to come up with anything minutely snappy.

Instead, take a (probably much needed) break from my normal sarcasm and enjoy the pics me and hubs took of the family this weekend.

Click to play Fall 2008

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Janette said...

OMG. Those pics are soooo good. I think you should make sure the editor at Shawnee Mag sees them. Seriously. Fashion photography is tough, second only to home interiors. I think they may be interested in using some of your photography skills, too.

Looks like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing. (And I like your hair, too!)


Anonymous said...

Your photos are so professional! I loved the photos and the way you put it all together with the music. Cool!
Makayla is getting so tall and lean......she's really maturing.
Looks like a fun weekend for everyone. Love, Aunt Joy

kim said...

Thanks for the positive feedback! Perhaps Brad and I should start a company called Antisdel's Photogrpahy. Except it already exists and we get asked all the time if we're related to them!

We did have a blast taking the pictures. It helped having two of the most easy-going kids on the planet helping out!!

rosiesmrtiepants said...

Those photos are are so talented!! And what an adorable family you have! You should really see about doing some photography for magazines or something. Too much talent to not use it! Oh, and I had never seen one of those photobox cool!

Erin said...

Very nice work, Kimmy! I love the serious shots...I was cracking up! The girls are really cute in their fall outfits. So stylish!

kim said...

Thanks, ladies! The serious pictures were hard to get, especially since Taylor laughs a lot. But we finally got them, and it was all worth it!

Rachel said...

Wow beautiful photos. The family fall photo-album, complete with matching outfits, made me tear up a bit with nostalgia.

Judith said...

Those girls are presh, and your photo skills are killah! :)

Brought a tear to my eye, the sad music, the falling leaves, the autumnal was like a mini-Antisdal movie!